II International Summer School

Schedule of classes

II International Summer School will be held in Moscow from 1 to 10 August 2017. Acceptance of applications — up to 15 June 2017.

Intensive course of individual classes and masterclasses of famous musicians from all over the world

Creative workshops (multi-day author’s courses, including seminars on performance, group lessons, individual lessons and classes in the ensemble)


  • students of art schools and professional music schools;
  • college students;
  • undergraduate and post-graduate university students;
  • professional musicians

Certificates issued to every participant of the program

Concert participation in the Concert Hall of the Moscow Conservatory Central Music School

Teachers’ training program for teachers of the participants of the International Summer School (certificates will be issued)

Application form


Teachers by instrument:


Elena Ashkenazi

Michael Dorner

Mira Marchenko

Andrey Pisarev

Valery Piassetski

Natalia Trull

Alexei Chernov

Yuri Slesarev

Darya Ryabova

Natalya Bogdanova

Vasili Yermakov


Liana Isakadze

Tatyana Polozova


Alexei Seleznyov


Elena Ilyinskaya


Maxim Orekhov


Stanislav Katenin

French horn

Andrei Kuznetsov


Sergei Nakaryakov

Percussion instruments

Rostislav Sharayevsky

Creative workshops

Multi-day author’s courses

  • seminars on performance
  • group lessons
  • individual lessons
  • classes in the ensemble

Flute workshop

Nikolay Popov

Percussion workshop

Percussion ensemble “Percarus Duo”: Vladimir Terekhov and Mikhail Putkov

Price list

For active participants of the II International Summer School – 2017

Individual classes

(The duration of the lessons is up to 45 minutes each)

Basic course (5 individual classes, 45 minutes each) — 25 000 RUR

* for the CMS students22 500 RUR

Extra lessons (beyond the basic program)

4 500 RUR

Advance payment 7 500 RUR is to be made while applying for the participation. In case of cancellation of the participation advance prepay is not refundable.

Creative workshops

Active participation in the creative workshop (multi-day author’s course) – 30 000 RUR.
* in case of full cost prepay before May, the 1, 201727 000 RUR

Open master classes

(The duration of the master classes is up to 45 minutes each)

Active participation in each master class — 5 000 RUR

Accompanists assistance

An individual lesson or a master class — 1 500 RUR

Rehearsal and performance at the concert (45 minutes) — 2 000 RUR

For visitors of the II International Summer School – 2017

One-day listener ticket (provides attendance at any classes of the Summer school-2017 during one chosen day) — 1 500 RUR

10-days listener ticket (provides attendance at any classes of the Summer school within the period August, 1 – 10, 2017) — 5 000 RUR

Attendance at open master classes is free.


For active participants of the II international Summer School:

  • Moscow Kremlin
  • Moscow Conservatory (a tour to the famous concert halls and N. Rubinstein Museum including)
  • CMS Museum
  • Yamaha Music Russian Art Center in Moscow

All the excursions are free from charge for active participants of the II International Summer School.

Refresher courses

For the teachers of the participants of the Summer school – 2017
Full course cost (72 hours) — 10 000 RUR
The course includes:

  • Individual classes and master classes
  • Lectures and seminars on the methods of the specialties teaching and music psychology
  • Workshop on working with the professional diseases

Video from International Summer School 2016

Master classes

Concert performances

The Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatory is a unique phenomenon in music education; it’s one of the most famous and prestigious schools in the world. The main goal of the school is to provide integrated training for highly-skilled young musicians. From early childhood gifted children receive both professional music and general academic education combined with all-round creative, intellectual and spiritual development.

The history of the school goes back to 1932 when at the initiative of the Moscow Conservatory Professor Alexander Goldenweiser and President of the Moscow Conservatory Stanislav Shatsky a “Special Children’s Group” was created that consisted of only 15 children from all over the Soviet Union. On May 20, 1935 by decision of the Soviet government it was converted into the Central Music School.

Luminaries of the school, such as pianists Anna Artobolevskaya, Tamara Bobovich, Tatyana Kestner, Ilya Klyachko, Anaida Sumbatyan, Yevgeny Timakin, Elena Khoven, violinists Semyon Bezrodny, Yuri Yankelevich, Volodar Bronin, Mikhail Garlitsky, Mikhail Kurdyumov, Zoya Makhtina, Valeriya Merenblum, Zinaida Gilels, viola players Fyodor Drizhinin, N. Sokolov, Mikhail Terian, cellists Sergei Aslamazyan, Galina Kozolupova, bass players Andrei Astakhov, Yevgeny Kolosov, flutist Yuri Dolzhikov and others developed a unique system of teaching performing arts. This system encompasses a close tie between artistic and technical development of a musician coupled with mastering different music styles and developing artistic qualities necessary for professional musicians.

Year after year the Central Music School hosts major cultural national and international events, such as the annual Central Music School International Competition of Young Performers, the Nutcracker International TV Competition of Young Musicians, the Frederick Chopin Moscow International Competition of Young Pianists, masterclasses with outstanding musicians of modern times, all-Russian and international festivals. The school’s rich history, its precious experience of training high-class musicians gained over decades, its glorious traditions, highly-qualified talented teachers as well as excellent facilities create ideal conditions for the Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatory to fulfill its high mission: to raise new generations of musicians, multiply the glory of Russian music art and enrich its contribution to world culture.

The Central Music School of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory is a federal state public school.



4 – 5 Maly Kislovsky per.

Moscow, 125009 Russia

REGULATION of the II International Summer Art School of the CMS